“We can make any space a CareSpace”

CareSpace is unlike any other company in this area.  We offer unique solutions for private living spaces for seniors, disabled veterans and for those with disabilities.  We can renovate and remodel your living safe or to yours or a loved one’s home.

CareSpace consults with clients to determine what accessible modifications and alterations, in a private residence.  The CareSpace additions can be modular for a quicker turn around or a stick built addition for those with more time.  We are your one stop shop. CareSpace can also provide specialized appliances, electronic devices and remote monitoring.

All three founding partners of CareSpace are baby boomers and our secretary is a retired nurse.  Our customer services focus on assisting those being cared for by loved ones or those who want and are able to avoid facility care, those who need housing but cannot necessarily afford the monthly fees of long term care.

On a personal note: Weaver is a disabled veteran and cared for his ill wife in the home while raising four children and caring for his father who was in failing health.  Hakes added an In-Law suite to his home to provide for his in-laws and watched as his parents well into their senior years, cared for a brother with medical complications.  Steele brought his mom into his home to care for her while she was unable to care for herself.  As you can see, we have all walked in your shoes and have the compassion to help you work through these major decisions.

Helping to solve such issues is the mission of CareSpace.



Future Plans

The CareSpace partners are in early discussions with the county agencies, banks and investors about the feasibility of constructing a multi-unit condo style community with small, accessible ranch-style units on the west shore.  The association would control the services that are offered and enjoyed in the community.  Each unit would have two bedrooms and at least one fully accessible bath room.  Each unit would have a living room, kitchen and a dining area with a built in washer and dryer.  As this project progresses along, we will update the information here.