CareSpace is unlike any other company in this area.  We offer unique solutions for private living spaces for senior and handicapped citizens attached to or within a loved one’s home.  Additions can be modular for a quicker turn around or a stick built addition for those with more time.  CareSpace professionals will consult with you and also complete accessible modifications and alterations to private residences.  We are your one stop company as CareSpace can also provide you with appliances, electronic devices and remote monitoring.

We, the three founding partners of CareSpace, are all part of the baby boomer generation.  We look forward to serving those from this demographic who need housing but cannot necessarily afford the monthly fees of long term care.  In addition, Weaver is a disabled veteran and understands the need to help veterans.  Helping  accident victims of all ages and senior citizens with limited capabilities who can be cared for in one’s home with the assistances of family is also part of CareSpace’s mission.